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The Groom’s Experience

Thomas Allen Collection provides a service for the Groom to be called The Groom’s experience.

This is a service where we assist the groom every step of the way with the coordination of his side of the wedding.

We assist in providing styling options for the groom and the groomsmen for the upcoming wedding.

Thomas Allen also provides custom ties, shirts, tuxedos, etc. for the upcoming wedding if the groom chooses to do any custom fashion.

We also provide pick-up and delivery of the tuxedos to the groom’s party prior to the wedding. We also return the tuxedos to the respective destination if a rental option is chosen. This convenient service removes the burden of the back and forth to the tuxedo shop for the party involved.

Also included in the groom’s experience, we coordinate events for the groom’s party for more comradeship with his groomsmen prior to the wedding. The events are tailored to the interest of the groom and his party.

All of the services listed above are optional and the groom can choose what services work best.

We try to make this experience as fingerlift-less as possible for the groom and his party.